My Story

My History with Lupus

I've had lupus my entire life, only no one knew what it was back then. Rashes, digestive issues, fatigue, aches and pains. But even as a child, I found ways to keep going and do everything that life had to offer. During my divorce in 2012, I began tracking data to find corresponding triggers to subsequent flares. The collected information proved most useful in not only my own success, but in helping others.

Career Choices

I originally wanted to be an ethnobotanist as a child, but ended up fascinated with technology. I was on my path to a second career as a pharmacist when I married. I gave it all up to become a stay at home mom and focus on improving my autistic son (I could fix computer problems and a brain is like a computer, so why not?) One day, I looked up ethnobotany and what it would entail, and was delighted to find coursework and programs at Global College of Natural Medicine. 

GCNM was amazing, and turned out the best of the best, including the good folks behind Food Matters.  I signed up for Nutrition Consulting, Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. I had already become an old school Usui Reiki Master, with a short lineage back to Phyllis herself. I was also trained by Jeffrey Smith to become a speaker on GMOs. I am so fortunate to have all these experiences

I Turned Myself Around

During my divorce, it was suggested by my lawyer to do pharmaceutical therapy instead. I hit my low where I said "Enough!" in 2015, and took matters back into my own hands. I was up to ELEVEN medications and only getting worse. What was the use of not risking the custody of my children when I couldn't enjoy them? I had found success with my own data collection and analysis in the past, why not go back and succeed with known quantities?

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